About the Agency

We are HotModels

HotModels was founded in 2010 and originally worked directly in the Czech Republic. However, as we worked more and more for our foreign productions and clients, mainly in Germany and Austria, we moved directly to the center of events. To Munich.

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We are flexible

We do not focus only on one part of the erotic industry. We try to go with the times and offer more and more branches of work in eroticism.

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Dozens of new models put their trust in us every day, not only from the Czech Republic, but also from countries across the EU. We want to be global, we are global.

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Paid castings

If we want our models to be successful, we have to present them in a quality way. That's why we create Photo and Video Booky for them completely free of charge.

Our services

Model Management

Our models are the ones who pull us forward and help us develop. That is why they come first and trust between us must be undeniable.

Photo Management

We cooperate with both production and end customers. All you have to do is provide us with the documentation for your desired photo content and we will handle everything you need.

Video Management

Do you need any video tailored to your liking? Be a screenwriter directly. We will supply locations, models, and everything else to achieve your goal.

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For our work we require

We are in an area that is still not completely open to anyone. That is why we maintain very well both the reliability of our partners and the anonymity of our models. We always carefully review every article that engages in collaboration in the future.

Areas of activity

Our clients and models are worldwide. Although we are mainly in Europe, we are not afraid to go through a large puddle.

Model and models

Trust is important to us. We keep the password once you can trick me. But not for the second time.


Our photographers are solely professionals. It is imperative that the quality of our work speaks for us.

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Partners and production

We do not cooperate with any noname partners. All cooperation must be based on 100% legislation.

Adult movies

The content of our films and its actors are always a priority. We select everything and everything carefully according to the topic.

Everything must be correct

We never do anything under the carpet or circumvent the law. They do not only protect models. But also us.

Our history is traceable

If you want to verify our past, try to look a bit. One of the public articles about us, for example, was published in a flash. You can read it here: https://www.blesk.cz/clanek/zpravy-politika/138577/rosenberg-poslanec-klada-v-branzi-sotva-prumer.html?page=6