Erotic sailing

Do you like eroticism and sex? Would you like to spend an unforgettable week with your partner on board a sailboat? So this offer is right for you. Whether you want to diversify your marriage life or take your lover on the boat, you won’t be bored during this cruise.

Erotic cruise is full of nudity, sex and unforgettable fun.

Who is the cruise intended for?

Only whole couples, whether married, friend or lover and single women, who do not have a problem with nudity, nudism and erotic pleasures of themselves or other couples directly on board the boat, can apply for a cruise.

What is allowed while on board?

Almost anything that does not contravene the law, does not endanger the health and life of anyone on board or will offend other people around our sailboat in the port or at the berth. In the vast majority we anchor in abandoned coves. However, once a week we have to go to town to get water and supplies.

What is prohibited during the cruise

In any way, harass and touch other cruise passengers without their direct agreement. Such behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate exclusion from navigation at the nearest port.

It is also strictly forbidden to make any audio / visual recordings of other participants unless expressly agreed to.

The captain must always be informed of these “authorizations” in order to resolve any misunderstandings.

Confidentiality guaranteed

Pokud je to potřeba, neobdržíte od nás žádné podklady, které by Vás jakkoliv s touto plavbou spojovaly. Nebudou Vám chodit od nás e-maily, sms, faktury ani telefonáty, které by mohli při přečtení okolím nabudit dojem, že se účastníte této plavby. Veškerá komunikace bude probíhat formou, jakou si zvolíte na začátku. Ať už pojedete na seminář, teambuilding, regatu či jachtařský kurz.

Možnost zajistit alibi

If you want to take your lover on this cruise and need an alibi for a woman at home, no problem. During the cruise we will take a few pictures that you will be able to present at home and say that you are going to Teambuilding or participate in races (regattas).

Another, but more difficult option is to obtain a valid Croatian captain’s license. However, this requires some preparation in advance and to pass the captain’s theoretical examinations at the captainate in Croatia. Our captain is an experienced instructor and can prepare you for these tests during the first 3 days of sailing. The fee for the preparation, examinations and preparation materials is € 245.

What do we sail for?

We sail on charter sailboats with a length of 10 – 15 meters. The sailboat is equipped with 2-5 cabins, 1-4 toilets, a fully equipped kitchen and a sufficient supply of fresh water. In case of interest of the whole crew it is possible to sail on a catamaran.

Where do we sail?

Due to availability, cruises take place mainly in Croatia. It sails from the marina to the coast and 90% of the time is spent sailing between the islands away from the mainland. Cruises outside Croatia are only possible after booking the entire boat.

Who will take care of your comfort and safety?

Our captains are professionals in their field. They have years of experience in yacht management and are perfectly knowledgeable of Croatian waters. During the cruise, it will either be almost invisible with a high degree of discretion or will actively guide you on exploring erotic and sailing adventures. It is up to you which option is more comfortable for you.

Our beautiful and young hostesses will take care not only of having something to drink, eat at all times and not have to bother with at all. But if you want, it will also liven up your life with your partner.

Course of the week

On Saturday we will embark around 14:00 in one of the marinas in Croatia (Split, Zadar, Sibenik, Sukosan and others). Short safety briefing, welcome drink and as soon as possible we will go to some of the abandoned coves in the vicinity. Sailing about 1-2 hours.

We will go through a bigger town with sleeping at the pier 1-2 times a week. There we will also be able to buy supplies. Otherwise we will always spend the night on a buoy or anchor in deserted coves. It’s more enjoyable to be in private than in a city where someone always walks by.

The boat is equipped with a smaller boat with outboard motor, which you can use at will in the bays.

During the cruise it is possible to visit the “home” fisheries on the remote islands of Croatia, which guarantee an excellent atmosphere at dinner and food of the highest freshness. It often floats in the sea more than a few hours before consumption.

Those who would like to try the yacht management will be trained in the management and complete control of the sailboat by an experienced instructor.

Take a look at the places and islands you can’t get on a classic land holiday.

The departure of the boat takes place every Saturday until 9:00.

Prices and dates for couples

The price is for 1 cabin for 2 persons with double bed. Price for single woman or man on request.

25.4. – 2.5.20201 390 EUR (Fully occupied)
20.6. – 27.6.20201 830 EUR 1 530 EUR (1-2 free cabins) * Discount valid until 27.3.2020
11.7. – 25.7.2020Term occupied by the reservation of the whole sailboat
18.8. – 25.8.20202 190 EUR (Fully occupied)
12.9. – 19.9.2020Term occupied by the reservation of the whole sailboat
03.10. – 10.10.20201 730 EUR 1 430 EUR (2-3 free cabins) * Discount valid until 27.3.2020

At any time it is possible to rent an entire 3-5 cabin sailboat or catamaran with all services. Price on request

Price and terms - lesbo cruise only for women

The price is for 1 berth in a shared cabin for 2. When occupying 2 beds, 10% discount on the second berth.

25.7. – 01.8.2020790 EUR (3 free cabins)


  • 5% when paying the entire amount at once
  • 10% of the second cabin / berth, when ordering 2 cabins / berths

The price includes

  • Rent 1 sailing cabin for 2 persons
  • Extended travel insurance for sailing ships
  • Welcome drink
  • Complete meals in the form of breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruit and small snacks during the day
  • Nonalcoholic drinks
  • Captain Services
  • Hostess services (cooking, cleaning, full customer service during the cruise)
  • Fuel and port charges
  • Final cleaning of the sailboat
  • Tourist tax

We can arrange

  • Transport by Flixbus for better prices
  • Transfer from the bus station and airport to the marina
  • Involving the hostess in your erotic games
  • Catamaran rental
  • Photographic services of you and your partner
  • Recording services of you and your partner

Payment Terms

  • 60% after ordering
  • 40% not later than 6 weeks before departure
  • For your discretion, the invoice is issued only in the form of renting a cabin on a boat or any service that fits into your alibi or business

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